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NEW ERA 2020


I started this label many years ago, it has nearly been a decade since it began. The world, music scene, and internet has changed drastically since then, and things are no longer how they used to be. If you've been around for years you likely know what I'm talking about, but the current state/way of doing of things is the normal for many of today's producers. What does Tsundere Violence have to do with this though? Well, I think its time for an update, an upgrade, more into modern times, but also holding trve to oldschool values.

NEW ERA 2020 (yes, its officially in all caps) encompasses all of the planned changes the label will adapt in 2020. These changes will continue onwards for many years. I wish that everyone supports these changes, efforts, and TSUNDERE VIOLENCE~! All of these changes have been heavily thought over and ran through testing groups and peer reviewed. All of these changes are made to better the current music scene, create more unity, give a higher level of support to talented artists, and to make everything generally better for everyone.

In order to get the full scope of what is happening, its best to read all of this press release. If you have questions, concerns, comments, or concepts, send them all to: [email protected]

- Himeko Katagiri

I. Release Rate

IA. The release rate is going to downsize to three releases a week. This will give releases more of a showcase, and will space out releases. Times of abnormally heavy approved demo traffic will cause it to rise to four releases a week during those times, but it will mostly be three a week. The daily releases will no longer continue.

IB. This change of release rate is because of a few reasons.

IBa. The current release rate has been the concern of numerous artists. I strive to help the artists, and that is a major goal of the label. I believe this change will benefit everyone.

IBb. My own personal responibilities outside of TSUNDERE VIOLENCE have been keeping me extremely busy. I can no longer keep up the work involved with the daily releases, its causing me to neglect responsibilities that cannot be neglected.

IBc. There will be new features of the label that consume time and energy. I need more time to be able to work on these new features.

IC. The release rate diminishing will effect other aspects of the label as well, explained in II. The release rate will also be affected by IVJ.

II. Tighter Release Restrictions

IIA. The lower release rate will cause the queue to fill faster. I do not want this to get out of hand as it could lead to long wait times. The best way to combat this is to accept less demos. Not everyone realizes this, but I do deny demos all the time. People will ignore blacklisted genres, problematic demos, send me stuff I have no interest in, or send stuff that just sounds bad; none of this stuff ever gets released. But, there will be even tighter restrictions 2020 onwards.

IIB. More genres are being blacklisted. Added genres to the blacklisted list will be vaporwave and auto-gen/AI music. Vaporwave will no longer be accepted on the label. I'm just personally not into it as much as I used to be, and it takes up space where talented artists should be. Although TSUNDERE VIOLENCE was actually a pioneer in AI music (all the way back in 2012), it will no longer accept these kinds of works (unless certain requirements are met).

IIBa. Vaporwave is blacklisted now, but vaporgrind is still allowed as long as most of the release is original content.

IIBb. AI music might be approved at a highly limited rate (like one release every few months). But, ONLY if its the artist's own AI program that they programmed from scratch. The old AI music on TSUNDERE VIOLENCE was created by the artist's own program that they designed. Websites that auto-generate music are not allowed, do not submit this content.

IIC. Singles will basically no longer be approved. This will promote artists to work on more substantial releases. Also, with queue restrictions, I don't want it to become flooded with singles. There are exceptions to this though.

IICa. Artists who are known for releasing singles on TSUNDERE VIOLENCE will not be affected by this. They are loyal, this is how they do things, its fine and I will support them.

IICb. Maxi-singles will be allowed. More remixes the better!

IICc. Long one track releases will be allowed. Its common for some genres to have a single long track. Stuff like this is perfectly acceptable.

IID. A preference for albums and also EPs, but mostly albums. Your music will have a higher chance of being accepted if its a full length album or is of a substantial length.

IIDa. Demos of genres with commonly short releases will not be affected by this. So there can still be short grindcore releases for example.

IIE. A preference for lolicore, breakcore, speedcore, extratone, hardcore, gabber, grindcore, metal, IDM, jungle, mashcore, etc. Also, a preference for loli / anime related content. These genres, and things with loli themes, will have a higher chance of being accepted.

IIF. Plunderphonics music will be highly restricted. Only highly transformative works will be approved, and very sparingly.

IIFa. Samplebased genres like samplecore will not be affected by this. Samplecore will still be allowed (as long as it sounds good).

IIG. Higher quality control. I will (as much as I dislike doing this), begin denying releases of lower quality, even if I like them (I enjoy every release on the label). This will be case by case, and the balance will be figured out as it goes. This is not to be hurtful though, its to better showcase albums that took longer to produce, and also to motivate the artists to improve their music. Also, with queue restrictions, it can become neccesary to do this. Its also because I want a higher rate of -core music on the label, and cutting back on other things will promote the different flow that I desire.

IIGa. Stuff like shitcore, raw black metal, "badly" made lolicore, new artists, will still be accepted, with tighter restrictions on a case-by-case basis. This is too hard to actually explain.

IIH. These restrictions should not negatively affect the artists with demos that get denied. Compared to 2012, there are now a plethora of labels that will release this content. Artists can also easily create Bandcamp accounts. There is a place for things that get denied.

IIJ. Demos submitted before January 1st will not be subject to these changes. The changes of the label enact(ed) on January 1st, 2020. Demos sent in December of 2019 are not subject to these changes. This means that you might see some singles early 2020.

III. Bandcamp Support

IIIA. Tsundere Violence will now offer support for Bandcamp~! No, we are not making a Tsundere Violence Bandcamp account. Bandcamp is the Facebook of music hosting, they delete entire labels without even a warning, it is a risky foundation, and we will not be moving there. But, we will allow artists to use Bandcamp links on the TSUNDERE VIOLENCE website~! Many artists now desire to be on Bandcamp, I understand, so it shall be~! There will be some regulations though. These regulations are to make sure it runs smoothly and without horrible issues. Horrible issues in the past is why I stopped allowing artist links in the past, but its time to allow them again, properly this time. If you have any questions about any of this, or want to work out the details with your demo, just ask! I am willing to work out things with artists~

IIIB. The new system for Bandcamp links is quite simple. DO NOT RELEASE YOUR THING ON BANDCAMP PRIOR TO RELEASE. I will give you your release date. On the day of release I will first use a Mediafire link. I will notify you of your release, then you can send me your Bandcamp link for me to use. This link will then replace the Mediafire link. You can publish your Bandcamp page at anytime on the release date that I give you, then send it to me. I will do a second post of the release notifying people of the Bandcamp link so that they can donate money to you. YOU WILL RECIEVE 100% OF YOUR EARNINGS!! I DO NOT WANT ANY MONEY!!! I DO NOT WANT ANY CUT!!! IT IS ALL YOURS, FUCK LABELS THAT TAKE CUTS OFF OF DIGITAL SALES.

IIIBa. Sometimes people use Bandcamp for their demo submissions. Or, they have already self-released the work. In this case, I will ask you to include the Tsundere Violence release date in the release description.

IIIC. There will be some rules for Bandcamp links. AT THE TOP of the Bandcamp release's description, you MUST put:


Catalogue Number (ex: TV2020)

Tsundere Violence release date (I will give you this info)

IIICa. Failure to include this information at the top of the description will make your link invalid for use. Removal or movement of this information at any point will result in your link being reverted back to Mediafire. Zero exceptions.

IIID. In addition to the required information, there are some other rules. Breaking these rules will get the link reverted back to Mediafire.

IIIDa. Changing or removing information, titles, track positions, artwork, artist name(s), tracks, etc. Basically altering it at all after its released is forbidden.

IIIDb. If you desire to remove the release from Bandcamp, please provide a two week notice prior to the removal. Failure to do so will result in all of your links becoming Mediafire. This is to prevent enormous issues (some people like to mass delete things, this is why I stopped letting artists use their own links in the past, don't be the person to mess it up!)

IIIDba. The same applies for URL changes. If you wish to change your Bandcamp URL, please give me a two week notice, then send your new URL to me ASAP so that I can update the links.

IIIDbb. The two week notice is just to give me time to prepare for it and make changes. It might not take me two weeks to do this.

IIIDc. Releases must be free download or name your price. I am heavily against charging for downloads. Keep it name your price or free. Do not make it paid or I will switch the link to Mediafire.

IIIDca. I understand that Bandcamp runs out of free downloads. If you run out I might temporarily change your link to Mediafire. Its best to notify me of these things and keep in touch about your download limits. I will switch it back on my own when I see its free or name your price again. Just communicate, if it will only be out for a few days I wont bother to make it Mediafire.

IIIDd. If you wish to use a Bandcamp link, it MUST be from a personal account only. Label accounts will not be allowed, even if its your own label. Zero exceptions.

IIIE. If you have things released on Tsundere Violence and wish to update your Mediafire links to Bandcamp links, simply update the information to match the requirements, then send your links to: [email protected]

IIIEa. If you need the release date or any information just ask, I will give you the information.

IV. Tsundere Violence Physical Releases

IVA. We will now have regular physical releases~! Ones you can actually purchase~! Initial physical releases will be cassettes, floppy disks, and CDrs. In the future other formats will also be made. Physicals will hopefully launch in February or March of 2020. The first physicals are already planned, and more information will be provided when the time is near.

IVB. Physical releases will be both republishing previously released digital works, as well as fully new albums.

IVC. Heavy preference for albums or album length compilations for physicals. In most cases it will be a 20 - 30 minute minimum for cassette tapes (leaning more towards the 30 minute side). Length will be more lenient for CDrs, and obviously much shorter for floppy disks.

IVD. Tsundere Violence compilation VHS tapes will also happen, but later in the year after a good amount of physicals have been sold. More info on this in VIE.

IVE. Your support funds more physicals~! Basically, every copy sold funds more copies~!

IVF. Artists will have a choice between receiving copies or money for royalties (this will be figured out with the artist prior to manufacturing). Fuck labels that do not give the artist copies or money. Tsundere Violence does not want money, just enough to cover costs of manufacturing and to create even more physicals.

IVG. The way of selling these is not yet decided. But, there will be free bonuses for special conditions. Free bonuses could be for being one of the first to order, buying multiple items, or other conditions. This kind of info will be provided with release posts and also included on the website.

IVH. Physicals cost money and a lot of effort to manufacture and plan. Because of this, they will have a very high standard. Unless you are being invited to do a physical release, you really should be on Tsundere Violence **prior** to asking to do a physical release. This means, release some digital albums and EPs on Tsundere Violence first. Get known and popular within the fanbase, let me see what you do and how people respond to you, then we will talk about physicals. It is highly advised that you are already on the label prior to asking for physical releases.

IVI. Artists can still manufacture their own physicals and sell them on the Tsundere Violence website. This is nothing new, but I don't think everyone is aware that they can do this. You can make your own physicals and have them released under Tsundere Violence and have your buy link hosted on the website. Just ask me for details prior. Also, keep in mind, the same can be done for shirts and stickers. For mechandise such as shirts, its required that you have at least three releases from the project on TSUNDERE VIOLENCE. All money earned from your own manufactured physicals, shirts, stickers, and so on goes 100% to you. Just reach out to me for details.

IVJ. Physical releases will create "no release pockets" in the queue. Essentially, most physical releases will not have anything release after them for one week. There will also not be any releases for a few days prior. This also creates a need for the changes mentioned in II.

V. Loyalty Program

VA. Label loyalty is not as hip as it used to be. Now artists prefer to bounce around allover the place. Loyalty Program is basically a way to promote more unity and support for one another and the label. Keep this stuff in mind, but don't stress about it too much. Basically, it just means there's benefits if you support TSUNDERE VIOLENCE and its artists. This can be releasing music on the label (especially if you tried really hard on it!), liking and sharing posts and the label's output, being positive and generally a good person, buying physical releases, supporting artists who use Bandcamp links, commenting on YouTube videos, submitting to compilations, putting Tsundere Violence music in your mixes, booking Tsundere Violence artists if you're a booker, and so on. Doing so can make it so release restrictions apply to you less, make me more willing to do physicals of your music, higher chance of getting cool free bonuses in orders (free bonuses will not be available for sale online), and so on.

VI. New Avenues For Promotion, Tsundere Violence Magazine, VHS Series, etc.

VIA. In addition to the YouTube channel and social media posting, new promotional things will be added in 2020. This will include more digital promotion as well as a new Tsundere Violence magazine and more.

VIB. There will be a Tsundere Violence MixCloud featuring mixes of the label's releases. These mixes can be done by anyone who is a fan of the label, but they must 100% be only Tsundere Violence music. They will also get posted to YouTube. Possibly a sub-label will be made for releasing downloads of these mixes.

VIC. More full releases will be uploaded to YouTube.

VID. TSUNDERE VIOLENCE WILL BE STARTING A MAGAZINE. The magazine will begin sometime after physicals launch. I will provide more information and open submissions when it is time. The magazine will be a webzine, but will resemble a real magazine, complete with pages and articles. This will NOT be a blog type website. The Tsundere Violence Zine will likely be a monthly publication in a PDF format. It will hopefully be uploaded in a way that allows you to turn the pages online like a real magazine. The magazine will feature reviews of Tsundere Violence music (new and old), special mixes, artwork and comics by Tsundere Violence artists, interviews with Tsundere Violence artists and people of the underground music scene, promo for upcoming compilations/events/releases, and show write ups.

VIDa. Anyone who is a fan of Tsundere Violence can write for and contribute to the magazine. Love a release and want to talk about it? Think everyone should check out an artist? Did a show and want to talk about it? Do cool art? Send it! This will be a collaborative project~!

VIDb. There will be a heavy preference for content related to Tsundere Violence, but it will not be limited to this. Did you see a Tsundere Violence artist perform, or did you perform yourself? Talk about the whole show~! Even the folks not associated with the label, its fun to read about this stuff~! Have a cool thing going on in your area? Feel free to talk about it as well~! If you're unsure, just ask~!

VIDc. Stuff unrelated to music will be allowed as well. Such as about anime, games, computers, art, and so on.

VIDd. Some content will not be allowed. No political analysis, no controversial topics, the zine is just meant to be a fun lighthearted publication.

VIDe. I will be the editor of the magazine. If you are not good at English it is OK~! I will fix any grammar and spelling mistakes for you.

VIDf. Articles can be in English or in Japanese. Please stick to these two languages for writing your articles.

VIE. This wont be for awhile, but a VHS series will also be produced in time. This will also be collaborative. It will feature music videos, live perfomances, and studio shots from Tsundere Violence artists. More information will be provided when it is time.

VIF. More promotional phsyicals. You might not know this, but I have made Tsundere Violence sampler CDrs, tapes, and floppy disks. These have been given out to all kinds of people in various scenes and areas. This will continue to happen.

VIG. Tsundere Violence Sondcloud will be active again. It will now mostly focus on reposting tracks uploaded by others. If you have your TSUNDERE VIOLENCE songs on Soundcloud, message them to the Tsundere Violence Soundcloud account, I will repost them. You can find that account here:

VII. Website Redesign

VIIA. Website will be redesigned. This is to show the world that the changes are for real, and it is a new era for the label.

VIIB. During this time of renewal, we will be temporarily removing the Friends page. This is to give more focus on what the label is doing and how it is changing. When it returns it will mostly be reset. The friends page will be updated with labels and websites of people who heavily support the label and/or return the favor.



I hope that everyone can get behind these changes and exciting new features~! TSUNDERE VIOLENCE is my heart, and lolicore is my soul. I have dedicated my life to running this label, releasing great music from amazing artists, getting to know all of you incredible people, and supporting lolicore until the day I die. TSUNDERE VIOLENCE wishes to provide opportunity and support for artists, and these changes are being made to do this even better~! TSUNDERE VIOLENCE will remain the only active oldschool lolicore label in existence. The label and I will always support the morals and spirit of trve lolicore. But, will adapt a bit to better support the incredible artists that make it all possible.

I love all of you, and lets embrace NEW ERA 2020. LONG LIVE TSUNDERE VIOLENCE, LONG LIVE LOLICORE!!!

- Himeko Katagiri


Jesus take the wheel. God will guide me through this, and TSUNDERE VIOLENCE will be better than ever.

Jeremiah 29:11 “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”

Proverbs 3: 5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who strengthens me."

Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Psalms 98:4 "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise"

Last updated: 12/28/2019