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I will accept singles, EPs, and full length albums. It's preferred that you send your entire release as your demo. Send all demos to [email protected]


Genres that we specialize in are lolicore, noise, breakcore, and speedcore. But other genres are released all the time so please always submit your stuff~! Worst that can happen is it gets politely turned down.


All releases MUST have a front cover. If you don't want to make a cover just let me know when you send your demo and I'll gladly make one for you. Back covers and any extra art is completely optional. Quality of album covers is unimportant, there's a few on here that are just scribbles. Nudity, hentai, and pornographic covers are allowed. Guro (anime gore) and cartoon gore are allowed no matter how graphic and fucked. Real gore will risk you having to make a new cover if it's too graphic so best to just go with guro if you want gore to be "hard and edgy". Demos laden with obtuse amounts of offensive imagery might get turned down on principal.


On 1/1/2020, Tsundere Violence entered NEW ERA 2020. From this date on, demo acceptance will have a higher standard. Please be cautious when sending lower level music, short noise/experimental releases, and singles. The label no longer releases daily and I cannot fill up the queue with such releases. There is a heavy preference for -core music, such as: lolicore, breakcore, mashcore, speedcore, grindcore, hardcore, etc. Also, of course genres like extratone, jungle, IDM, and gabber, are highly desired as well. Other genres will be accepted as well, but you have a higher rate of approval when sending preferred genres. No matter the genre, it is always best to submit stuff you worked hard on, and albums (30 minutes and up). In most cases singles are no longer accepted, but EPs will be accepted. There is no standard release length, but please try to make your demos substantial (even if its a short EP). If you decide to go with a short release, make extra sure that its a high quality demo. In addition to this, loli and anime themes and imagery are preferred, but not required. You can read more about these regulations in the NEW ERA 2020 page.


- Send releases that are anti-religion specifically anti-Christianity. This can get you PERMANENTLY BANNED from EVER releasing on Tsundere Violence.

- Send releases promoting Satanism, they will instantly get turned down.

- Send me songs when I'm not working on a compilation telling me to hold onto them for the next one. It's surprising how many people do this.

- Send music from blacklisted genres, blacklisted genres are: vaporwave, hardvapour, nightcore, and auto-generated/AI music.